Tarot Readings

Tarot is an amazing way to connect with your intuition and receive an unbiased look into various aspects of your life.

Unlike how pop culture and various religious groups have portrayed Tarot (a method of looking into a permanent future), Tarot examines how the decisions you are making now are affecting your life. With beautiful imagery, symbolism, numerology and astrology, Tarot connects with your subconscious mind and delivers to you messages from your own being.

With every important decision you make in life, your future is altered. Tarot connects with your current future. Are the choices you are making right now leading you to the future you envision for yourself? Using Tarot can help you discover what changes to make in your life (and what things are serving your higher purpose) so you can make more aligned and intuitive decisions.

Contact me to book your private reading via distance. An emailed copy of your reading will be delivered to you with detailed information about the topic of your choosing.

I look forward to working with you!