The goal of Mokosh Wellness is to embody a holistic lifestyle and share alternative services and content with those who seek it. Here you can view + book yoga classes, book a distance tarot reading, and read articles centered around alternative wellness, yoga, minimalism, motherhood and more.

Mokosh is the Slavic Goddess of the Earth. She is often described as a well of water beneath the tree of life, giving nutrients to all life and nurturing her children.

Mokosh Wellness is here to serve you at whatever stage of life you’re in. I sincerely hope you are able to find something that serves you here, whether it’s a tarot reading, yoga class or a blog post that speaks to you.


I offer community hatha, yin and prenatal classes for everyone here in Chilliwack. All classes are in safe + inclusive spaces.

To find articles on topics such as minimalism, yoga, parenting (and more!) please visit the Mokosh Wellness Blog

Mokosh Wellness

Created in 2020 by Kylie Hodge, Mokosh Wellness is a blog and business servicing Chilliwack, British Columbia.

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