Prenatal Classes

Prenatal yoga classes will be available soon!

Dates + Time: April 2021, TBA

Cost: $85 for a 5 class series
(There are a few sliding scale spots for those experiencing financial hardship. Please reach out so we can discuss your options)

Due to COVID-19 regulations, space will be limited. Please contact me if you’d like to be put on the contact list for when classes become available.

Before signing up for a class, please check out these frequently asked questions below!

Do I need my doctors approval in order to take these classes?

Yes! Although no note is needed, please ask at your next prenatal appointment for your doctors approval. These classes are taken at your own risk and although are designed to be safe, your doctor knows your history and will be able to properly advise you.

Are these classes safe for all trimesters?

Yes! My classes are safe for all trimesters of pregnancy. I will take into consideration each stage of pregnancy and provide modifications for each.

I have a high risk pregnancy. Can I still take these classes?

As I am not a medical doctor, I ask that if you have a high risk pregnancy that you don’t sign up for my classes. This can pose a risk to you and your baby.

What do these classes consist of?

These classes are designed to build on each other. Together we will explore yoga safely by discussing anatomy, practicing postures, meditations and mantras throughout these classes.

I hope to cultivate a space where you can connect safely with your body and baby with other moms going through the same journey as yourself.

Can I take these classes even if I’ve never practiced yoga before?

Absolutely! Many women discover yoga after prompts from their doctor, midwife or doula. I highly encourage those new to yoga to take this class. We will be starting from the basics and moving forward from there.

I can’t make it to every class. Can I just come to a few?

As previously mentioned, these classes are designed to build on each other and not for drop-in. If, however, there is space once registration for the five classes has closed, there will be a drop-in rate of $18 per class.

I missed a class. Can I get a refund?

Sorry, no refunds at this time.