100 Days of Yoga: Day 2

Yesterday marked day 1 of my 100 Days of Yoga challenge: something I’ve been meaning to do but have put on the back burner many times.

As a yoga instructor, I know that keeping a consistent home practice / Sadhana is so important. Yet, like everything else in motherhood, it often gets cluttered up amongst a million other things: 8pm grocery runs, someone has an accident on the floor, someone is crying, someone is hungry… You catch my drift. Savasana just isn’t the same when someone is weeping through the throes of toddlerhood audibly in the background.

Amongst the mess, the emotions and the constant work, may we find peace at least once per day as we come to our mat. We come here to reconnect with the essence of our Self. Here we are not mother, daughter, wife, teacher… I am only my Self. My essence.

I am… I am.

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